1996 Cherokee constant shifting between 3rd and 4th

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1996 Cherokee constant shifting between 3rd and 4th

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I have a 1996 Cherokee and it has been having issues shifting since I got it. It shifts fine when could but once you have been driving it for a while, at cruising speeds it will shift down into 3rd. As soon as you get into the throttle a little more it will shift back up into 4th. TC locks up normally in 3rd and 4th. I have adjusted the TV cable properly. Under the same conditions (working fine when first driving, but acting up once its driven for a while) it will not shift down into first when coming up to a stop. The solenoids obviously work at least some of the time since they work every time I begin to drive the vehicle from cold startup.

Ive also had issues with the throttle that acted exactly like a bad TPS. So naturally, I figured these two symptoms were related.

I T-pinned the TPS and found that there was 5 volts at the signal wire all the time. I bench tested the TPS and the resistance checked out fine. I replaced the sensor with a newer style TPS and connector since the older style connector I had appeared to be internally shorted. After replacement, it tests out fine.

Same shifting and throttle issues still, though. Granted, this could be two separate issues, but it seems too related. I guess it always could be a bad TCM but that doesn’t explain the throttle issues. I don’t like to throw parts at vehicles. That’s not how I fix cars.

Any thoughts?

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